Elemental Liberation

What I do

I am a therapist hoping to co-create a space for you to explore, change, reflect and feel. I trust we will both bring a great deal of wisdom, experience and training into our shared time. I will hold the anchor that we have decided together about what is most important for you to point our focus. I will invite you to notice, feel, explore and get curious about anything that seems to get between you and your vision of liberation. Together, we will discover what you need and how those needs can be met to promote the growth you desire.

I have a wicked sense of humor, a tendency towards deep reflection, an open and curious mind, a dynamic and mystical relationship with plants and the earth, a tender heart, a disruptive playfulness and an epic meme game.

I have personal experience and training that helps me feel a cautious confidence about navigating sensitivity, queerness, living outside the binary, neurodivergency and complex trauma. My commitment to repair and embracing humanity fill in any gaps in what I know now to what I hope to learn.

My people are indigenous, Polish, Scottish, German and Portuguese. I am reacquainting myself with my ancestors, how their resilence and trauma live in my body. I am exploring the ways in which we all contribute to the greater systems of oppression and the complexity in both navigating those systems to survive and re-thinking these systems so we can thrive. I want you to know I am actively exploring my ancestors and my historical trauma as a person of both indigenous and colonizer ancestry, holding white passing privilege.

While I hold each person with great care and compassion, I also offer sharp insight into deep-rooted patterns and behaviors that I believe is the balance for change. Children and adolescents find me approachable and trustworthy, while parents find I am able to clearly communicate difficult concepts in a manageable framework and offer relationship-altering insight and advice.

I work primarily with children ages 10-18, parents, families, couples,and young adults. I thread several orientations and tools in the time we spend together. My foundational theoretical orientation is rooted in Attachment theory, Somatics and Psychodynamic exploration.

I am formally certified in NARM and DEEP. Both utilze the safety built within the therapeutic relationship to invite a shift from patterns of survival to accessing what supports people in thriving. NARM is specifically designed to help support address concerns around patterns related to complex developjmental trauma. I have completed three years of training in Somatic Experiencing, aimed at how to support the body in processing and integrating shock and complex trauma. I have extensive experience working with individuals who perceive the world with heightened sensitivity and experience a diversity in thought, feeling and perception that may not always fit with the way society expects.