Elemental Liberation

Elemental Liberation

Co-creating healing within relationship and community.

Disrupting management systems of trauma, honoring survival with a focus on liberation of self and all.

of all profit goes back to the local community

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2703 Sol Wilson Ave Austin, TX 78702

Elemental Liberation welcomes disruption, led by the song of inclusion, as evolution to change.

I observe beside you, holding space and hands and heart and possibility.

You tell me with words what you think is broken. I am here to help you see those parts kept you alive, they protected your truest self.

I listen with my eyes to what your heart desires, a story told in silence through your body. Your breath. Your eyes. Your hands. The tension and release. The darkness that spreads before us.

The hope I hold that you cannot yet feel. The light that fills your eyes until they dance. I see you so you can see yourself.

- Vanessa Rosage

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