Elemental Liberation

Letter to you

To the person who sits on the couch. You think you’re here so I can help you. You are here so I can help you see what an incredible job you’ve done helping yourself.

Once we’ve arrived at an agreement on how you are a bad ass, we will begin exploring who you want to be.

You’ve spent most of your life being who you have to be. We get to excavate the parts of you that you had to bury to survive.

Once we’ve explored, we get to cultivate. Cultivate your desire, passion and liberate your whole self.

You are never alone on this journey. I am here with you. Every. Single. Step.

You change me in your process. Witnessing you is breathtaking. It moves me. It captivates me. I am never the same. Your dedication to integrating all the parts of you, finding parts of you and protecting parts of you will always leave me speechless. You. Are. Stunning.

Thank you,

From all of humanity.