Elemental Liberation

Our agreement with you

There are multiple approaches to achieving goals, and the process is tailored to each individual. It is important that I am aware that there are different types of work. In consenting to work with Vanessa, I acknowledge the intention is to co-create purpose and meaning for the sessions, anchoring to what I feel is most important to me in shifting and/or exploring in my own life. While Vanessa will use her wisdom, experience and training to hold container and authority in sessions, I will bring my own life experience, intuition and knowledge of self into our time together. I know that I will be invited by Vanessa to try different ways to move trauma or change behavior and I will always have the choice to consent or decline.

Somatic Experiencing (SE)

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a naturalistic approach to trauma resolution and a way of becoming intimate with the organic processes of the body. Key elements of SE are building a resourced state, using titration (using small, incremental steps to prevent overwhelm) and using the guidance of the bodily “felt sense,” which allows the highly charged survival energies to be safely experienced and gradually discharged. Touch may be included to support the renegotiation process.


As with all forms of therapeutic work, there are no guarantees to the outcome. Some people with complex presentations may experience temporary negative side effects. If Vanessa feels something is outside the scope of her capacity or practice, she will let me know. If so, Vanessa will do her best to refer me to an appropriate helping professional.

Trauma Work

I acknowledge working with trauma can take months or years. Exploring trauma through the body is often slow, gentle and at the pace of the body so as not to intensify the trauma system. Management systems are behaviors put in place during trauma to help anyone survive traumatic experiences. They require a thoughtful, trained and slow approach for long lasting change to occur. To excavate the truth of who I am without my trauma responses can mean painful or uncomfortable emotions, feelings or experiences within and beyond session. It can mean jobs, relationships or hobbies change. There is no one or “right” way to move through trauma work, though there are ways to hold container and stay present. I know Vanessa is well trained with a lot of experience holding this container, staying present and knowing how to help guide me through this journey. I understand the purpose of trauma work is to return the ability to have choice, to feel autonomy and sovereignty in the body and begin to live a life most authentic to myself.

Scope of Practice

I have been informed that Vanessa’s education includes four years of training for a bachelors in psychology, two years of graduate level training in mental health therapy, a 9 month completed course with Robyn Gobbel on attachment and interpersonal neurobiology, two years of SE training, a certificate of completion for DEEP (Dynamic Enriched Experiential Psychotherapy), completion of Resmaa Menakem’s Somatic Abolitionism 2-day training, I understand that Vanessa does not hold a touch license. I understand that Vanessa is an advanced year SE student, on track to obtain certification in Fall of 2022, and that sessions that include SE are part of her training. I understand that Vanessa relies on her training, her intuition, and collaboration with me (and parents for underaged clients) to craft and guide the work in individual sessions and I assume responsibility for the results of all sessions.

Allopathic Medicine is Outside of the Scope of Practice

I have been informed that these therapies are not intended to replace any currently prescribed medical treatments as ordered by my physicians nor any other medical care I may be advised to seek by my physicians. I am encouraged to consult a licensed medical practitioner for any physical or mental complaints I may have. I have been informed that Vanessa will neither diagnose nor prescribe for any condition that I might have.

Client Responsibility to Disclose any Discomfort, Concerns, ask Questions

It is my responsibility to tell Vanessa when I am uncomfortable with any part of the process, as soon as I notice my discomfort, so that she can make adjustments. If I have any questions or concerns, I will share these with Vanessa during our work together.

Client Right to Refuse

I have the right to refuse or terminate work at all times, or to refuse touch, or any other interventions that Vanessa may propose or employ.


I have been informed that all client information & records are treated in a confidential manner. The exception to this agreement is if I intend to hurt myself or another person, upon which Vanessa has the ethical and legal responsibility to breach the confidentiality consent. I understand I have the option of sending or emailing this form and other types of correspondence to Vanessa.

My questions have been answered to my satisfaction regarding Vanessa’s background, modalities, and what I might expect from this session. I have read the above informed consent, understand, and agree to it. I give my consent to receive sessions from Vanessa Rosage, LPC.